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TEDx Talk – Is Your Horse Trying To Tell You Something?

Your animals are not in your life by accident. Do you know their purpose?


One of the important things I realized early on in my work as an animal whisperer is that pets can mirror their people. I call this phenomenon the Human Animal BodyMind Connection. It’s where we reflect each other’s stress, dis-ease and wounds.


You are connected energetically, mind to mind, heart to heart.


Animals are telepathic, they are intuitive. They can read your mind and they know what you’re feeling. They sense what’s going on. They show up and get who you are at deep spiritual levels.


They can help protect you, heal you, they travel in your soul group following you around from lifetime to lifetime. They reincarnate. Like we humans do, they can keep coming back to us because they are part of our soul family consciousness.


Why do they do that? Because they want us to heal, evolve and grow into the best version of ourselves possible. They want us to reconnect with the circle of life. They want us to be whole, consciously aware and healthy.


How intelligent are animals really?


Researchers say that crows have at least the intelligence of a 7 year old child. Like the extraordinary master teacher and healer, Arabian mare Dateeza, I’ve talked to many animals that I consider master teachers, gurus and healers. I call them Wise Ones. They are incredibly intelligent. A conversation with them often brings an epiphany experience and intensive healing.


Animals grieve and feel loss. Elephants are known to mourn pack members and people they knew. They’re not the only ones who do that. Pets also grieve and can feel depressed, sad, afraid and lost.


They hunt together in coordinated packs.


They can create and use tools.


They communicate with each other.


They can solve puzzles and mazes.


They can even learn sign language and create new concepts and words for what they want to describe and express.


Animals are capable of deep understanding, compassion and nurturing.


When we take time to talk with them, we can begin to recognize their soul’s purpose and their potential as well as our own.


We can help each other.




We are spiritual beings disguised as humans, having a human experience. Animals are also spiritual beings disguised as animals, having an animal experience.


When you see an animal, let yourself think and feel outside the box for a moment. What if that animal was as smart as you, maybe even smarter, and they were simply disguised as an animal, with the same degree of high intelligence, feelings, and purpose?


Imagine what life would be like if you could switch bodies and be them for just a moment. What could you see through their eyes? How would you feel inside their body? Your senses would expand in new ways, what new information would you be aware of as that animal? I teach how to Become One with an Animal in the Heart School of Animal Communication, it is a profound life-changing experience. You can do it too.


Every successful relationship has 3 parts:


You want to be heard. When you are not heard or listened to, it doesn’t leave you feeling warm and loved. You feel dismissed and unimportant.


You want to be understood. You want others to GET you, to know you at a deep level, to connect with you.


You want to be appreciated. You want to express yourself freely in a safe, supportive relationship. You don’t have to be agreed with, you just want to be appreciated for what you are, who you are, what you do, and what you know.


When you have all 3 elements, then you feel mutually appreciated and rewarded and you are connected. If you don’t take the time to do that? The relationship is doomed.


Animals feel the same way.


All participants, humans and animals, must be in agreement with those 3 principles.




I’m Val Heart, called The Real Dr Doolittle and Animal Communicator to the Stars.


I bring people and animals to form deeper bonding and understanding, true clarity. I specialize in solving problems with animals. When we do this, everything changes.


After all, riders will never have a calm, peaceful, healthy, well behaved horse until they have communicated so we know what they are thinking, how they’re feeling, and you know where the real problems are coming from, from the horses viewpoint.


Show horse riders will never get in the winners circle with a problem horse until they have communicated with them to know what they need and so they can tell us where they are struggling.


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Photo by Ghost Presenter from Pexels

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