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Sabine Schleese has been Director of Corporate Affairs of Schleese Saddlery since 1986, when her husband, German Certified Master Saddler and Equine Ergonomist Jochen was asked to be Official Saddler for the World Dressage Championships.

Together they have changed the face of saddle fitting in the equestrian industry. When they first arrived, saddles were treated like commodities. They were basically bought off the shelf – either they fit or they didn’t – and if they didn’t, there was really no one capable of fitting them properly or repairing them.

They began a Saddle Ergonomist certification course allowing equine professionals insight into diagnosing and analysing issues arising from poor saddle fit.

Sabine and her company have received many industry and professional awards, including recognition from various Chambers of Commerce, a Global Trader’s Award, and Exporter of the Year. She has been on Profit Magazine’s ranking of the top 100 Businesswomen in Canada for 10 years running. They have been profiled on Discovery Channel’s How it’s made and in the Wall Street Journal, and won “best of the best” English Manufacturer of the Year as named by Tack ‘n’ Togs magazine in 2008. Schleese has also had the cover story of California Riding four times, and is nominated for the fourth time this year for an Equine Industry Vision Award.

The philosophy of Saddlefit4life – a global network of equine professionals working together to protect both horse and rider from long term damage – is now being taught globally, including most recently at a veterinary conference in Brazil, the German National Riding School and to osteopaths and body workers all over Europe.

What you will learn:

  • Remarkable changes in the equestrian market in the last 25 years.
  • What is Saddle Fit Hell and how you can make sure this never happens to you.
  • The differences between male and female anatomy and the implication for saddle design
  • What the ‘triangle of death’ is and what you can do to avoid it yourself.
  • Why it is vitally important to ride in a ‘gender appropriate saddle’.
  • The 9 steps of saddle fitting to ensure you are getting the best fit possible.
  • Symptoms of a badly fitting saddle for you and your horse.
  • Saddlefit4life and their educational philosophy and the establishment of HIPPOH foundation.
  • Learn about the reality tv show (extreme horse makeover) / Red shoe video

Visit and for free educational fit tips, and sign up for ongoing saddle fit tips and their newsletter. Watch for “The Silent Killer” when it gets translated for sale to North American audiences coming soon.


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