My Horse was a dangerous nightmare…until she spoke to me and then everything changed

unnamed“My horse, Rose, is so mean to me.  She bites me, steps on me, she won’t let me put her bridle on, and she turns her backside to me when I go in her stall.  Today, she ran away with me during our riding lesson.  I feel so embarrassed, and it was scary too!  Why is she acting this way?  I’m discouraged… and am so worried.  Help!!

Cindy was so upset, worried and frustrated she was in tears as she poured her heart out to me.

She said, “I always bring her treats, her favorites.  I give her all kinds of special attention.  I’ve spent a fortune buying the best saddle and equipment, and she’s had the very best trainers.  I don’t understand… why doesn’t she appreciate all I do for her?”

So what’s really going on when our animals behave like this?

Are they really so unappreciative of our care, love and concern?

Are they just trying to make our lives miserable?

Do they hate us and would rather go live with someone else?

To solve problems like this one, we need to stop a moment and reflect on much deeper issues.  The Human Animal BodyMind Connections principles tell us that animals often mirror us.  They reflect us on many levels.  They act out our stress and wounds, and carry our illnesses and diseases.

For instance, how does the person feel about themselves and their life?

Do they respect themselves, set clear boundaries, confidently show others how they want to be treated?

Do they feel heard in who they are?

Or do others constantly invalidate and intimidate them?

Are they afraid?

How are they sabotaging or undermining themselves, their dreams and goals… and even their relationship with their animal?

Remember that other Beings in our lives to serve us by reflecting back to us the lessons we are here to learn.  Many companion animals choose to spend their lives attempting to break through our barriers, help us heal and become reconnected with all Life.

Animals are sentient, intelligent, wise beings.  They are Angels, Teachers, Guides and Healers. They think, feel, wonder, and reason, and they certainly have their own viewpoints and beliefs.  There is so much we can teach each other when we speak the same language.

When we evolve enough to recognize, respect and revere them for who they truly are, they help us heal, evolve and grow and we become better people.

When we talked to Rose, she told us that Cindy was too timid, scared of her own shadow and was seriously out of balance.  Parts of her energy field were missing entirely, leaving her muddled and insecure.

She meant well, but the bottom line was, Rose didn’t feel very safe with her.  Cindy gave away her power so much that Rose didn’t have a good leader to follow that she could trust.  Cindy hadn’t earned the mare’s respect or love.

Deep BodyTalk System healing for Cindy, enlightening discussions about Rose’s viewpoint and wisdom got us in the right direction at last.  Training guidance to help Cindy establish herself as a clear and confident horsewoman.  Synchronizing their hearts and minds so they could feel each other and dance as one, everything changed.

Enrolling Rose as her teacher and partner, together they started enjoying an amazing, extraordinary relationship!

Rose and Cindy became renowned for the incredible things they could do together.  Other riders envied them their closeness, and the way Rose took care of Cindy even when Cindy messed up occasionally.  Rose’s big heart and good will showed in the loving, happy look in her big brown eyes.

A painful nightmare situation with a seriously unhappy potential ending became a dream come true.

Can you imagine what amazing things you can learn when you learn how to talk to animals?

Every animal lover can learn how to communicate with animals!  Yes, some students are better than others.  Some of us work harder at it than others.  With education, practice and guidance, anyone can experience the joy of talking with animals.

Learning to communicate telepathically helps us better understand the beings that share our lives, expands our understanding about the circle of life and our place in it.  And part of the fun of having animal partners in our lives is, after all, sharing life’s experiences from a variety of viewpoints.

And THAT is what the Heart School of Animal Communication and the Animal Talk Coaching Club is all about!

BIG hugs to you and your Angels, Guides, Healers and Teachers disguised as animals


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Great article. It’s funny when people tell me during an animal communication session, woah, didn’t know this was going to be about ME! 🙂 Animals are our great teachers, for sure. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do, Val. 🙂

Exactly! Canine Assistants has added BBT ™ to their already premium training of their helper dogs. My hubby and I got to go and be instructed in it, but its something we already were doing with our dogs~ talking\listening.
Years ago I was instructed in the ‘Tellington touch’ ™ technique, which is finding the trigger points on your working dog and massaging them out. My successor dog, Frax has several of these sites. I try to get to them every day, and it makes a huge difference in how he feels, and his connection psychically as well.
Jet and I had great communication, and about 75% of it was psychic. I would speak to him in word pictures silently after catching his attention. He always ‘got it’.
I believe those who are more aware of their environment, in attune with the folks they love…these are the people that ‘get it’ about canine/human communication. Dogs have been with us so long that it’s imbedded in their very DNA to help us, especially if we help them back.
My hubby and I have been married almost 31 years. Yup, we complete each others sentences, and I always know were we are going to eat out at before he tells me. He says I’m more psychic than him, but I think he’s coming along!
Great article!

Lisa Vaught

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