Here’s How Horse Communication Can Fix the Problems You’re Having With Your Horse

Horse Communication can Fix the Problems you’re Having!


You may have a fabulous relationship with your horse, enjoying a wonderful time together.  Or, you may have a nightmare on your hands.  What I know beyond a doubt is this:  horses come into your life for a reason.  I see them as big hearted angels, teachers, guides, and healers.  The question is, do you know who you are living with?  What their soul contract or purpose is?  How do you find out?  And if they aren’t at their best, then how do we solve the problems as quickly as possible so you can both get back on track?


The answer is:

We get it straight from the horse’s mouth through the gift of horse communication which is the first step in solving problems with horses in my Equine Peak Performance System!



Sometimes, horses can make you feel so incredibly good.  And then on other days?  They can drive you nuts!

Do you feel like your horse is trying to tell you something?

Are they hurting, in pain or just confused?

Why does your horse act out with bad behavior, heavy in your hands, spooky or skittish, resisting your cues?

What’s going on when they give you WHOA when you want GO!  Or GO when you are signaling WHOA?

Or even worse, do they run away with you?  Or run OVER you?

Bucking, biting, kicking?  oh my!

An unhappy horse is truly a heart breaker and can become a bone breaker. 

Don’t let that happen to you, ok?  If they’re trying to tell you something by acting out, they are not just naturally being obstinate.

The truth is, what you don’t know yet is hurting you and your horse.

I’ve been solving problems with horses professionally since 1993.  I got my start working with pre Olympic grand prix dressage horses, world champion cutting horses, racing horses, endurance and hunter jumpers.  Horses have taught me a lot of incredible things that have changed my life and the lives of my clients.

Where do problems with horses really come from? 

There are 2 basic reasons for bad behavior:

1) Its either because you’ve not been listening to them, over riding them to get them to do what you want, not treating them with respect, ignoring their concerns, pain, fears or questions…

2)  Or it’s because you’re so disconnected from each other so you aren’t showing up as someone they can respect, like and trust.

I can promise you that if your horse is acting out, they are not happy.

That’s what happens when you don’t have that all important meeting of the minds, sharing of the heart, getting in sync with your purpose together.

Then there’s the Human Animal BodyMind Connection phenomenon to consider. 

Did you know your horse mirrors you?  That means they act out and reflect back to you your own inner wounds, stress, imbalances and even diseases.  They carry those things in their body, and it can make them sick, depressed and unhappy. They are in reaction to you.  Until we unravel that complicated energetic knot of knowing what your part is in the problem – and doing the inner work to clear it — you’ll both suffer and you can even wind up losing them before their time.

Why is it important to communicate with your horse? 

Because until you do, you won’t know what they know that you don’t, how they really feel – are they in pain? If so, where and what helps or makes it worse?  You need to know what their viewpoint is.  If you don’t do that when you first start experiencing problems, then you’ll be chasing your tail on expensive guesswork with often little or no results to show for the expense, time and effort.  And all the while your horse gets more and more unhappy, withdrawn, resistant, depressed and even more dangerous.

Does any of this resonate with you?

Not all animal communicators, or horse whisperers, are created equally.

You want the right consultant for the job.  You want someone who resonates with you and your horse, someone you can trust to guide you correctly.  Someone with experience in helping in situations like you’re facing.

I specialize in solving problems with horses using my 5 step Equine Peak Performance System.

I’m not here to tell you what you already know or just intuit what your horse is thinking.  I believe it’s a disservice to just communicate without helping you take the right next steps to solve the problem.

I’m interested in the deeper truth, the attitude adjustment, the epiphany moment of breakthrough where your entire relationship changes, for the better, for both of you.

So if you’re curious about my work and want me to tell you what color your horses food bucket is, or what their favorite toy or game is, I’m not the right communicator for you.

Deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing for people and horses is what I do best, including intuitive medical scanning, improving behavior and performance, solving mystery lameness issues, improving your horsemanship, your relationship and when we do that, your performance improves.  Your confidence soars. 

Pretty soon you’ll start winning those ribbons, and everyone will want to know how you did it!

So what do you want to have happen with your horse?  Let’s get started.

Click on the link and choose the plan that works for you.  Pretty soon you’ll be having the time of your life with the horse of your dreams!


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Very interesting learning about how horses can mirror our inner feelings! You are doing great work ?

I am also writing to make you understand what a great experience my girl enjoyed checking your blog. She mastered a good number of issues, with the inclusion of what it’s like to possess an amazing coaching style to get many others clearly completely grasp some problematic issues. You truly surpassed her expected results. Thank you for presenting these interesting, trusted, informative as well as unique thoughts on that topic to Julie.

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