Horse Clicker Training with Amanda Martin on the Real Dr Doolittle Show™

Amanda Martin, the first UK approved The Click That Teaches Instructor, trained by Alexandra Kurland, has been training horses since the early 2000s and has been teaching since the mid 2000s.

Shortly after buying her first stallion Amanda came across clicker training and immediately recognised that this would be a fantastic way to train her stallion. She headed out to the barn with The Click That Teaches book, a clicker in hand and a pocket full of treats and made some wonderful discoveries. She discovered that clicker training is incredibly powerful, that it is an effective communication tool for horses and handlers, and that the horses responded with great enthusiasm.

Now thanks to Amanda, and The Click That Teaches program, horse owners all over the UK and EU/Europe are able to build a solid relationship with their horse where the horse is a willing and enthusiastic partner in the training. Through clinics, lessons and online training courses she is helping horse owners everywhere discover that clicker training can help them create happy, eager horses who love to train.  As a result she is also creating very happy horse owners who love spending time with their horses.

Amanda also teaches clicker training at universities and colleges throughout the UK and is also a faculty member for the Equine Clicker Conference in the UK.

Amanda answers some very important questions:

  • What is Clicker Training, and who is Alexander Kurland?
  • Does the clicker method work for all horses?
  • Clicker training was still considered to be relatively new when you first began learning it. Have things changed in horse training since then?
  • Is the clicker good for all aspects of a horses training?
  • Is there a limit to what a horse can be taught through clicker training?

Everyone loves their horse, and that means we want to have a great relationship with our horse. At the S.M.A.A.R.T. Horse Company we aim to help you build that relationship. To help build that relationship it’s important to be training for emotional changes in our horses just as much as behavioural changes. We can change behaviour but that does not mean the horse has shifted how they feel emotionally about performing behaviour.

To learn more about Amanda and about the Clicker Training for Horses contact her via email at or call her at 0777 196 5083.

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