Val Heart’s Equine Peak Performance System™

Introducing the unique 5 Step System developed and tested with hundreds of horses and riders in a variety of sport horse disciplines over a 20+ year period, and that’s been proven to work for every horse, every time.
How does it work?
These are the 5 key fundamental steps in the System:Performance1
Step 1: Hear the Rider’s Voice! It all starts with the rider. When you’ve been able to dump your fears, share your innermost truths, heart, express your complaints and concerns, get your questions answered, you’ll feel validated, valuable, you’ll know your mentor gets you! Get the help you need to feel confident, clear, balanced and more consciously aware of yourself and your horse.

Step 2: Hear Your Horse’s Voice: When you learn how to listen to your horse, then you can build a true partnership. Normally horses never get a say in how they are treated, in how they feel about their life, or the work you are asking them to perform. They are effectively muted – and can become sullen, withdrawn, frustrated and angry. With my help, now they finally get to have a voice in what happens to them.

IStock TrainingReviewPg Brown Horse.JPGStep 3: Take Proper Inspired Action Steps: Aligning together synchronizes your heart, your mind and your bodies so you can move as one. It’s not just you that’s fearful, frustrated and who has been struggling – your horse has been too! Negotiate the rules of the game so they work for BOTH of you to keep you safe. Know which training program is right for you and your horse. Be certain that your horse’s diet and management program isn’t causing them problems. Clear resistance, heal and leave the past behind so you can both move forward with confidence.

Step 4: Show, Test and Fine Tune: Now that you’re in sync, it’s Show Time! Ride with new understanding, power and awareness, taking a new, easier approach based on true partnership with your horse, and watch your show scores improve.


horse comstock show parade w border testi size.jpgStep 5: Enjoy Peak Performance: Can you see yourself being awarded that coveted trophy or ribbon? Your success depends on your ability to connect, understand and help each other. When you do that, you start having a lot more fun because you can trust each other.

Experience what it’s like to be in the Winners circle as a full expression and acknowledgement of your joy of being in full communion with their horse.

Finally, you feel respected and envied by other riders.

Finally, YOU are the Hot Stuff Rider that THEY want to be like, not the other way around.


The Equine Peak Performance System™ is a 5-step process
that works with every horse, every time.

When you know how to apply the Equine Peak Performance System™ to understanding your horse, you too can:

* Stop the expensive guesswork that is emptying your pocketbook,

* Costing you or your horse your health, happiness and well-being…

* Keeping you out of the Winner’s Circle

Ready to stop struggling and
start enjoying your horse more?

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